Voyageur Model 300
Voyageur Model 300
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Size: Large

Colour: Brown or grey

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Voyageur Model 300

The Dogit Voyageur line of travel carriers is the ideal solution for your pet transportation needs.

Durable, sturdy and safe, the Dogit Voyageur pet carrier is ideal for transporting your pet by car, bus, train or even by air. The Dogit Voyageur is available in 4 different sizes (small, medium, large, x-large) and assorted colours.

Features include:

  • 61.9 cm L x 42.6 cm W x 36.9 cm H
  • 24.3" x 16.7" x 14.5"
  • Optimal ventilation and air flow
  • Top Petting Door
  • Top Access Spring Locking Mechanism
  • Easy Assembly Side Latch System
  • Molded Waste Collection Gutter
  • Treat compartment with food / water Bowl
  • Meets airline regulations (with permanent screws / tie wraps)