Fluval Bow 26
Fluval Bow 26
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Size: 98 L/26 USgal

Colour: Black

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Fluval Bow 26

Get on your way to becoming a true aquarist by introducing Fluval Premium Aquariums into your home or office. A sleek design incorporating energy efficient elements makes Fluval Premium Aquariums a worthy investment in creating a personal haven and pursuing a very gratifying hobby.

 Fully Equipped for Fresh Water Fish:

  • 98 L/26 USgal Polished Edged Glass Aquarium with Black Max Silicone
  • Aqua-Glo 15 Watt T8 Fluorescent Bulb
  • Fluval M150 Watt Submersible Heater
  • 19 g Nutrafin Max Tropical Fish Flakes
  • 30 ml Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner
  • 120 ml Nutrafin Cycle Biological Supplement
  • Fluorescent Canopy with Efficient Electronic Ballast
  • LCD Thermometer that accurately displays water temperature
  • Soft 10 cm (4") mesh net for fragile fish
  • Fluval C3 Power Filter that is powerful, quiet and simple to use
  • Quick and easy set-up Care Guide that includes valuable tips on caring for your fish.